Friday, April 29, 2016

Two Weeks of Being Bad . . .

 . . . about the only thing I'm not going to do is have a beer.

Starting Sunday, May 1, I'm going to go on a two-week "diet" . . . which won't really be a diet, because I'm just going to continue eating what I've been eating for about six months now.

The difference from my normal routine will be that I'll document every bite and every gulp. Yup, I'm going to be writing down every single thing I eat and drink for two weeks.

But on Sunday, the first things I'm going to do are: document. I'm going to weigh myself. I'm going to measure myself. I'm going to photograph myself.

And then I'm going to document everything . . . my moods, my sleep habits, my exercise habits . . . everything.

And at the end of the two weeks—for convenience' sake, it will end on Saturday, May 16—sixteen days of Normalcy. Nick's Typical Diet. Nick's Typical Moods. Nick's erm . . . Gastrointestinal Happiness, or lack of it—I'm going to "take a sample" and send it to these guys.

And on Sunday, the 17th, I will begin Phase II, The Great Purge . . .

Full report at 11.

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